Recreation and Angle Grinding


Recreation describes an activity that is done for enjoyment when one is not working. But did you know that angle grinders are so easy and comfortable to use, that it would seem like a recreation? It’s true; using angle grinders may sound like work, but it’s more of entertainment. Read on, and let this handyman tool surprise you.

It can grind mortar.


Did you know that an angle grinder can grind old and loose mortar using its diamond tuck-pointing wheel? Merely produce two to three ½-inch deep passes to clear the joint entirely. Of course, stay at least 1/8-inch away from the brick to avoid damaging it. Grinding mortar is also something one can consider “fun” which also proves that angle grinding can be a recreation.

It can clean metals.

Seriously, it’s more fun to clean metals with an angle grinder. Why? Because the rust, cement, and caked-on dirt can be removed quickly! Watching the grinder clear away the dirt is therapeutic. Of course, you only have to be sure that the material you’re cleaning is secured so that there won’t be accidents when cleaning it. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself an angle grinder from!

It can cut, cut, cut.


Who says cutting tiles and concrete can’t be a recreational activity? Well, whoever said that clearly has no experience with an angle grinder! The tool can precisely cut tiles (of course, you should mark the portion that needs cutting first). You just have to secure the tile to your workbench with a clamp, then score the outline around 1/8-inch deep on one of the tile’s side using a diamond blade. Then flip the tile over (so that the back side is facing you) and cut through it. Don’t forget to extend your cuts slightly past the lines at the corners to produce square corners. Cutting concrete is also easy-peasy with an angle grinder.

Speaking of cutting, an angle grinder can even cut rods and bars if you attach the cutoff wheel to the grinder. Just allow the weight of your grinder to do most of the task. Angle grinders can also cut frozen bolts. Tell me, what is not to love about this tool?

It can bring back the glory of cutting edges.

Shovel edges need to be restored? Get an angle grinder! Once again, this is more of a recreational activity because grinders are fascinating tools that will you make you more and more amazed the longer you use it. The device can even restore the edges of ice scrapers and hoes and can be used for the initial grinding of axes, hatchets, and even lawn mower blades! All you have to do is attach the grinding wheel to your grinder and let it perform its marvelous job.

It can remove paint.


Angle grinders make it fun to get rid of loose and old paint. Clearing up walls with a wire wheel fixed to your angle grinder is entertaining because you’ll be amazed by how smooth and efficient the tool is at removing old paint. I personally enjoy seeing loose paint getting removed because it would mean that the walls will soon look more presentable and beautiful. A bit of caution though: always work away from sharp edges to be safe. Wire wheels can be used for tight crevices and areas and are also ideal for stripping, cleaning, and deburring tasks.