9 Things You Can Do to Help Protect Parks When Visiting

Richmond Park

Everyone has the power and the means to help protect parks and nature spaces. It may not seem like a lot, but every little good thing matters in minimizing one’s impact to the natural environment. Here are some of the things everyone can do to keep parks protected.

1. Leave pets at home. Check if pets are allowed in the park you are planning to visit. If not, leave them at home. Pets can disturb the wildlife and may endanger some of the animals living in the area.

2. Don’t leave any trash behind. Take them with you and dispose of them properly when you get home.

3. Don’t disturb or take anything like leaves or rocks. Leave them as you found them.

4. Stay on designated cycling roads or paths when biking.

5. Report sightings of injured wildlife to park authorities.

6. Keep cars on the road. Driving in areas with not roads can damage plants and disturb the wildlife.

7. Learn about responsible camping, walking, and bike riding in parks.

8. Help promote parks and nature spaces. Spend more time in them with your loved ones. If you have children, educate them about the importance of parks and their role in protecting the environment.

9. Volunteer and participate in activities like clean-ups.