5 Ways Parks Can Improve Your Life

forest bathing

forest bathing

If you rarely spend time in parks and nature areas, you are missing out on many of the benefits you can get from the experience. Fortunately, it is never too late to start to discover the many good things that can happen when you carve out some time for nature and the wide array of activities you can do outdoors. And the best part about investing time with parks and nature spaces is that you get to gain more from it.

1. Parks provide a space for relaxation, fun, and adventures. Whether you are looking for a soothing place to refresh your mind and body or spend time for fun and play, parks and nature areas offer a wide array of options you can enjoy.

2. Parks promote physical activity. They are among the best places to go for a walk, a run, or a bike ride. The bigger parks likewise offer many trails to explore, lakes to swim in or paddle on, hills or mountains to climb, and more. And the best thing about parks is that you get pursue a lot of physical activities surrounded by nature’s breathtaking beauty.

3. Parks improves mental health. Spending time with nature reduces stress that boosts mental health and overall wellbeing. In Japan, there is a practice called shinrin-yoku or forest bathing that has been proven to have rejuvenating effects to both mind and body.

4. Parks play a crucial role in preventing chronic diseases. Better air quality, recreational areas for physical activities and sports, and tranquil spaces for quality rest are just some of the things that provide the perfect setting for a more active and relaxed lifestyle that could help prevent health conditions like obesity and diabetes.

5. Parks build a sense of community. From small neighborhood parks to vast national parks, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people and spend time with those in your immediate community. They provide a space for human connections and offer ways to volunteer for a good cause.